doa dan imej

doa dan imej

Selasa, 1 Jun 2021

I Just Got My Second COVID-19 Vaccine Shot - Hj Megat Aminuddin.


Alhamdulillah, I just completed my second dose of covid-19 vaccination this morning on 1st June 2021 at Dewan Sri Tunjung, Jabatan Pendidikan Kelantan, Bandar Baru Tunjung,  Kota Bharu.

It seems to be inconvenient due to the long queue. Anyhow the process of taking the vaccination is less then two hours.

We have to respect the frontlinears bcoz of their competence, skills, dedication and sincerity to run their duties to give jab to the public.

Malaysia is a small country still grapples with keeping covid-19 under control.

We as a Malaysian citizen should play a concrete role to curb this pandemic.

As you know this week covid-19 is shocking and the numbers are scary.

Now we are worrying because some cases without apparent epidemiological link or symptoms being diagnosed positive.

What does this means?

We now cannot predict who is the carrier, in other words is better for us to:

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Stay away from public area.
  3. Stay away from crowded area.
  4. Stay away from confined place.
  5. Always wear mask.
  6. Stay vigilant.
  7. Maintain your sosial distancing.
  8. Frequently hand washing.
  9. Compliant SOP.
  10. And finally 

So we need to break the chain again. Covid-19 is real threat to us. 

To kampung folks of Padang Enggang especially to Pak Jali, Tok Siak, Abe Liah, Hj Leh or others who are fear, fear mongering or agitation. Please don't hear rumours that the injection of any covid-19 vaccine will harm you all. If someone from KKM phone you or send message through mysejahtera, whatsapp, sms etc..... ask you to attend at certain place for the jab of any covid-19 vaccine, please respond and follow the instructions.


Hj Megat Aminuddin bin Megat Wah.

1st June 2021.

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